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& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 1985 In the spring, the United States hundreds of millions of TV viewers saw an ad like this: a basketball court rolls to an end quickly, waiting for a handsome guy in there easily by wearing colored sneakers foot hook the ball into the hands, began to move the ball, at the same time, blaring noise of the engine engine roar of the engine getting louder and louder, the young man followed soar. The last 10 seconds of advertising is Jordan's "Walk in the Clouds", even though the audience had never seen a basketball game, also lamented in his superb skills. This ad is not only proof of Jordan has a special ability to fly, also hinted at his feet and the shoes are also necessarily linked to this. In this ad, that magical guy is the famous NBA sports star Michael & middot; Jordan, his feet a pair of sneakers is the famous brand "Nike." Before retirement, Jordan ???????: "Phil & middot; Knight and Nike turned me into a fantasy figure." This is the inside of the Knight "Nike," the founder, he put a small company into a large group, the once unknown superstar Michael Jordan pushed to the position. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; failing athletes & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 1938 years an ordinary boy born in the United States, and then, like most of their peers, he likes sports, playing basketball, baseball, running, his name is Phil & middot; Knight, as a general ordinary young man, his Adidas, Puma brand is very familiar with this kind of sports, but the unexpected is, is this extraordinary young man, after creating a new brand Nike, Adidas even more than in dominant sports. Knight has been very fond of sports, his high school paper almost entirely with sports-related, even the headquarters of the University also chose the University of Oregon Athletics. Although Knight likes sports, but only a mediocre score of 1 mile Runners, his worst score of 4 minutes 13 seconds, almost did not enter the r cheap foamposites anks of world-class athletes (score of 4 points), and like him almost Too many people! But fortunately so, otherwise we would not see today a great entrepreneur. In Oregon, Knight met his lifelong mentor, is his coach Bill & middot; Bowerman. Bowerman 1950s had a row to break the world marathon record, Eugene, Oregon, and thus also famous. He is extremely ambitious man, bent to make their sports teams than any other team. Training and competition, the athlete's foot disease is the most common offenders, Bowerman he wanted to design a shoe, the bottom light and sound support, small friction and stability, thus reducing athletes foot pain, get a good result. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; So, Bowerman designed the pieces of sneakers pattern. He found several shoe companies, but no one cares about him, ask yourself altogether stubborn Bowerman cobbler, learned shoemaking, in the last Games, the athletes put on his handmade by his appearance ugly but lightweight and comfortable shoes, ran the results are good ranking than any previous game. After graduation, Knight continued to pursue MBA degree from Stanford University, and Bowerman continued to do track and field coach and athletic footwear design in college. In 1960, Knight graduated. During his investigation report mentioned in a lot of sports star and ordinary athletes actually have a common goal: to defeat Adidas, so that more and more athletes wear the Japanese production of high quality and low price of running shoes Tigers (Tiger ?c After graduation Knight decided to go to Japan to look for an opportunity in Japan exhibition, Knight met Japan Tiger sports shoes manufacturers, he claimed to be from the United States "Blue Ribbon Campaign Company," Tiger just need an agent to enter the US market, so he took the agency gave the inexperienced young man. get the right agent to find the Bowerman Knight Now, both of them contributed $ 500, consisting of a rea Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale l blue ribbon sports company, Tiger sneakers become the exclusive distributor in the United States, began the initial start. This "Blue Ribbon" is the "Nike" predecessor. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike brilliant start-up time, no warehouse, Knight Knight father put stock in the basement of the house, he and Bowerman two people a tube of finance, a tube designed to co-ordinate very understanding. He has proven to predict the market is correct, this cheap sports shoes sell well, the first year it sold $ 8,000 worth of goods. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 1968 years after Bowerman restructuring Cortez shoes had become Tiger sports shoes most popular products, and Knight for the company's development and lay a solid financial foundation. The company's business began to improve them. Soon, the Japanese company products sell well aware, we ask them to transfer after the first shipment. As a result, Bowerman their cost will be greatly improved, and had to redouble their efforts to sell. But Japan is also often not on time delivery, and even the first-class goods remain secretly sold in Japan, the defect to the United States. Once they receive a number of shoes Bowerman, Customer wore two weeks, on the separation of the upper sole. They had to swallow in order to maintain credibility, promptly returned to the customer. Even more exasperating is that Tiger also sent representatives to Eugene, Bowerman offered to buy 51% of shares, and accounted for two seats in the five directors, if you deny this request, immediately stop delivery. Make things difficult for the Japanese suffered unbearable Bowerman and Knight, flatly rejected the non-parts requirements. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Knight and Bowerman decided to open one of their own company, he named Nike, which is based on the name of the Greek god of victory and taken. The NIKE name, in the eye of the West was very lucky, easy to read and easy to remember, it can jordans on sale mens scream loud. They quickly launched a "Nike" name sports shoes, and mesh beautifully designed trademark. Nike, the famous "a hook" trademark eye-catching, with a visually appealing, as well as sports shoes and other sporting goods should have the kind of movement, a symbol of strength and speed. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; In order to advertise, Knight and his wife hand-printed T-shirts to Nike preliminaries field distribution Olympics, but saw people ask: but in the "Who is Nike?" game, Knight a little way out of the limelight, to be persuaded to use this new shoes marathon athlete finished fourth to seventh, while wearing Adidas shoes, athletes are eligible for the top three in qualifying. In the athletic footwear industry, Nike is facing fierce competition. Knight and Bowerman aware of: If you can not develop a product better than it is now a new product, they did not want to increase market share. And, so far, the US footwear manufacturers produced far less than the former Federal Republic of Germany Adidas company's foreign shoes. In 1975, a Sunday morning, Bowerman playing in baked waffle iron mold of a urethane rubber, used it to make a new type of shoe soles, in this waffle-style shoes fitted with small rubber nails, so that the elastic soles are stronger than the elastic popular on the market other shoe. This looks very simple product improvement, Knight and Bowerman became the starting point for the cause. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 1976, Nike $ 8.3 million the previous year soared to $ 14 million. It's like wildfire, as it developed, the company is developing new style running shoes and spend huge amounts of money. In these improvements, Nike Air gives the left a deep impression. Nike Air heel is used to embed the inflatable cushion, it is the company's footwear technology trump card. It kept longer than the elastic foam sponge or rubber. Comfortable and smooth. Now, almost all produced authenti jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black c Nike Nike sports shoes are embedded with such a cushion. Interestingly, consumers are not aware of this mystery, however, but this is exactly what Nike high-quality, high-performance, high-quality lies. How to do it? Sales planners so in the advertising moving some brains. Soon a very unique yet attractive posters appeared. In a Nike shoe heel opened two "windows", people through the "window" to see the soles of Nike Air. Painting posters greatly attract consumers and make them understand at a glance than at Nike sneakers came out on top of the other. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the next two years, "Nike" followed on sales quadrupled. By the late 1970s, Nike has nearly 100 researchers, many of whom have a degree in biology, chemistry, experimental biology, engineering, industrial design, chemistry and a variety of related fields. This strong research strength developed more than 140 different styles of products, many products are the most innovative and market the most advanced technology. These styles are based on different foot type, weight, running speed, training programs, gender and level of technology design. These different styles, different prices and multi-purpose products, attracting thousands of runners and make them feel Nike is to provide the most complete variety of running shoes manufacturer, millions all kinds, of all abilities runners have such a concept. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; against the never-ending corporate philosophy, to the 1979 Nike through the planning and the strong market for new products to sell, market share reached 33%, and finally squeezed into the original by the Adidas, Puma and Tiger built "iron triangle", a sales star. By 1981, its market share even reached 50 percent, ahead of Adidas, while Knight himself running into the "Forbes" magazine coveted US 400 list of the richest people. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike culture "sports, performances, free and easy freedo Retro jordans for sale m of sportsmanship" is the pursuit of personalized Nike's corporate culture. This has the distinct characteristics of the corporate culture from the traditional concept of corporate image, Nike is the adventurous spirit of the pioneering companies in their verdant company is located in Oregon, has been cultivating a culture of well-designed, a veteran of Nike The manager once recalled: "It was like in a friendship environment full of hand, foot and work colleagues together happy to drink, stop talking about sports, and active and self-proclaimed anti-traditional character.." Every six months , Knight of the management team to meet and discuss strategy. The quarreling parties to "tit for tat" with. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Knight always encourage confrontation, or even encourage confrontation, and he, like everyone else, to accept other people's loud accusations. Nike business location, like the campus, have a forest, jogging trails, lakes, football field. Knight wanted to create a peaceful working environment, he thinks the world has confused enough, working hours should like home free. On the famous Nike ad strategy, also showed vitality different from others. Type of Nike athletes looking different from Adidas, they maverick, strong personality, irritability, aggressive,. Such as tennis star John McEnroe, people always see his rage on the tennis court, with the authority of their quarrel. There are tennis star Andre Agassi, his beard, long hair disheveled, the jeans cut pants as tennis, tennis and this denim pants will become Nike's specialty products. With these big sports stars QUICKER advertising, Nike sports shoes are no longer just a sports shoe, and became idols and symbols of social status. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 1984, Nike endorsers strategy began to re-establish their own image. He and Jordan signed a five-year contract, but also the conditions to grant Jordan Nike's stock, as well as an jordans on sale online unprecedented courtesy, to use Jordan's name on the Nike sports shoes. Almost all of them think that this is a fool talented, but a spokesperson for it. But Knight insisted on doing this, the impact of Nike Jordan is enormous. Jordan, who embodies the energy, the prestige, the superb level of competition and exciting sports spirit, his ideal weight than any Nike logo. With the Jordan, Nike has created a new brand, "soar Jordan" (AirJordon), producing colorful basketball shoes and matching apparel. Advertising campaign "soar Jordan" is the success, but also the brand war victory in the first annual sales as high as $ 100 million. Jordan first wear the sneakers have been subjected to the prohibition of NBA officials, who believe that a violation of the league's dress code. Nike keenly feel this is a golden opportunity to conduct public relations activities, then launched an advertising solidarity, declared that "soar Jordan" was banned because it "revolutionary design." Results Nike and "soar Jordan" boarded the cover of countless newspaper headlines, NBA siege. Finally ending in favor of Nike ended. Advertising with athletes is that many people will think of, but the most successful, only Knight! & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; also known that many people "just do it", the first "Just do it" ad protagonists are sitting in a wheelchair track and field athlete of Clegg & middot; Brown Xiu, advertising slogan that appears in the black background of anti-white. Slogan did not read aloud, but it evokes a generation resonance. It is reminiscent of an obese man to postpone his weight loss plan, staff were busy by other things that upset the fitness activities and participate in sports activities dream was all the affairs of man interrupted. It was like Nike urging people to exercise, immediately go to action, to achieve.went through a whole day of waiting for the sale yesterday, today we all sleep? 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Perhaps our constitution in this movement itself at a disadvantage, but a generation of basketball people are for their own hot love and pay the struggle until they can no longer as young as it flies in the field, we should remember those giants years, especially the two game character and benchmarking and they belong to our own memories. see the history of the first assists Wang Stockton and the history of the first iron elbow Malone despair of the face it? They may be asking God not to care for the same person, but they have forgotten that Jordan is the God of his shirt. The United States has a saying: Michael castration of all the stars of an era, Michael beat all the music of an era. The former is Jordan, the latter is Jackson. When the finals until the last moment, when the eyes of the tens of thousands of people gathered at one point, when the 23 leaping high, we almost have to guess the outcome. Worthy of the history of the first person. Dikembe Mutombo, one of those years how familiar name, he accompanied beside the little gia buy cheap jordans online nt quietly with their 4th best defensive player experience to help his growth, from African uncle almost all OTC energy devoted to feedback their still weak, disease ridden motherland. That year adjuvant AI rounded out the finals of the figure is still fresh in our memory, mountains of Africa continue to shake the finger is long time no longer meet, a lot of time in O'Brien trophy awarded, under the spotlight only superstars, but don't forget behind them the same Wei role players, because of them, basketball is so wonderful. small potato's eruption let people temporarily forget the the shine of the Bulls guard, but there are a lot of people said he just blindly to the restricted kill to reckless, can't remember which NBA legend said: NBA each survive little man has past hardships, like Robinson, almost hysterical sharpen their own body, although muscles is perfect enough is such a quality created the leap of Howard's classic a buckle, sometimes, his attitude on low would erupt the ordinary people difficult to match the power, so the little guys, worthy of respect. to reveal a day Minnesota fans, 18 years old, he has over 30, the same great of Duncan has 4 gold ring they wipe tears said: Kevin, I'm sorry, or you go now. Is this the greatest loyalty. A is struggling to stick to details will have to wait for the historical heritage of offensive kaleidoscope, a is basketball is viewed as a life of iron wolf, a is ten years of diligent training and eventually became a legendary marksman, when they to athletes have the most simple little desire to gather, outside for such a model to more is questioning eyes, but the three most sincere Chinese 〉Recently, the network once again released two new color Nike Kobe 10 to call the black mamba will soon return to his court. Two all black shoes main colors, silver and yellow respectively to build Swoosh, followed by details. 1.jpg (147.04 KB, download numbe jordan 3 katrina 2018 r: 1) download Nike Kobe 10 new color 2015-3-9 10:35 upload 2.jpg (168.57 KB, download number: 1) download Nike Kobe 10 new color 2015-3-9 10:35 upload Published at the end of last year, Adidas Originals Tubular, in fact, as early as 1993, the name of Tubular Runner is already available, tube type tire style sole in the year is a very avant-garde design innovation. Recently, Adidas Originals will be the Tubular Runner 93 O.G. color back to our eyes. White suede and leather shoes with a retro flavor, texture with orange and black color. Compared with the Tubular Runner Ganso shoes to replace the tire of the sole Tubular Runner 93 O.G. seems to be more with the modern sense of movement, love friends must not miss, you can now start at Oneness dealers, priced at $100. 8a50b849b7fe9a84def35180b788d116.jpg (65.62 KB, download number: 25) download adidas Originals Tubular Runner 93 O.G. color 2015-1-23 17:27 upload 153f080b3223fde3ccdb654c1c4db30c.jpg (73.07 KB, download number: 25) download adidas Originals Tubular Runner 93 O.G. color 2015-1-23 17:27 upload cfeab99c3666943809329ca7068378f1.jpg (71.02 KB, download number: 25) download adidas Originals Tubular Runner 93 O.G. color 2015-1-23 17:27 upload Adidas 00Mostro in Italian for "monster", the shoe was born in the last century in 90s, to mark the Velcro design combination from running spikes and boat shoes soles by many. PUMA Mostro series of shoes this year to usher in a new life, called PUMA Evolution Mostro, retains the lightweight minimalist style essence, asymmetric Velcro buckles and iconic super light wave sole continuity; while the uppers is further simplified, PUMA Formstripe in relief form in black chloroprene rubber shoe. It is reported that the shoes have been registered at Coutie on sale. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience! small shoes have N years into the way, it is no exaggeration to say that as a hardcore game player in my shoes, and all kinds of information technology application shoes master is very clear, so this is the first time here in depth analysis of the most influential shoes under the Air in the Jorda and share personal experience. Air Jordan series of shoes, I think we first known Uncle Joe is 1985 competition on foot Aj1 forbidden to wear black, here have to admire the Nike business sense. Using NBA great influence to do a very good publicity campaign for it, since the Aj series began Huobian shoes the world, by offering short supply! The most memorable is the editor of 04 years of junior high school that will work in Shenzhen, the Chinese new year old uncle brought me a pair of air Jordan 5, the time of day light shoe is not under 10 times, very rare. That said, the high price of many shoes the other hand chop party away, there is no doubt that the most game player AirJordan is the love of shoes is a kind of feelings! Following , Xiaobian together with you to review, in the interpretation of Jordan with the Rossoneri shirt when those shoes look at each generation, with innovative technology and unique charm which you may not have known. Air Jordan 1 first year: 1985 wings flying wing Logo surrounded by basketball, also by the "Bred" forbidden to wear the household, to open the prelude of flying legend. Air Jordan 2 first year: 1987 the lizard like leather material placed on both sides of the shoe body, like a pair of wings, with the tongue to the central wing Logo Vicenza, so the appearance of simple design slightly more hierarchical. At the same time, Air Jordan 2 Nike Swoosh on both sides of the sign removed, to dilute the brand color, highlight Jordan my own value. Air Jordan 3 first year: 1988 will be the perfect Jumpman Logo and Air Sole, burst crack visualization of these three great and classical elements into the Air Jordan 3, which was once the limelight is better than 1 AJ 3 and 2 generation. because of limited space, if has been in accordance with this detailed illustration is certainly down the code is not finished, so only to say sorry, interested friends can go to my personal micro signal in communication, small shoemaker, understand professional shoes for 30 years (ps: you)Joint from the two brands, the British cloth maker Liberty, and sports brand Nike cross-border integration, in this season still can see the special fabric design is Liberty's masterpiece classic shoes design, combined with Nike, to create a "Lotus Jazz" series of shoes, including Nike Air, Force 1, the Blazer Mid and Dunk Skinny High shoes, the cloth is from Liberty 1965 design works. 2012-7-19 08:26 upload and download attachments (67.09 KB) in June, we confirmed that Nike AIR Foamposite is about to return to its first year of deep neon colors. True shoes, however, will soon be on the market, flying out of shelves and coming to retailers. Just like the 1997 first year product, the dark blue neon color matching Foamposite, and the Black Medium palm contrast. The lovely bottom of the ice is always used, and of course there is a small hook on the front foot to remind us that this is one of the classic Nike shoes. If you can't wait until next year, marqueesole is on sale now, and a favorite friend can focus on it. 2012-4-17 09:32 upload and download the attachment (108.87 KB) before we know Air Jordan 4 "Fire Red" color this year will be engraved on the GS version of Air Jordan 4 "Fire Red" will also release in August this year, this shoe body with leather and mesh material for white the main material, collocation and red lace hole lining and rubber outsole, since there is a red and white color of course indispensable black decoration will be used appropriately, they were in the stable and collocation of a shoe body above the bottom, and the Jumpman logo are particularly eye-catching red. The only difference between this paragraph and the adult edition is the use of color plates in the front, midsole, and outsole of the shoes.Reebok Question white red color confirmed in the United States in May 25th and January next year the domestic sale of customer service, the other color engraved rumors have sprung up, following the creative director of Reebok Swizz Beatz in Twitter exposed a uncertain Engraved White / blue with pearl sale of color, the day before Swizz Beatz exposure a black and white color Reebok Question pictures on his Instagram, and in the notes said white black color will be available later in the year engraved, the specific release date please pay attention to our future reports.Vans Classics Sk8-Hi Crew releases 2016-05-13 11:20:53 in kind Vans's most famous brand is also the evergreen brand of SK8-Hi, not only the first choice of cooperation with all brands, but also you must have a pair of single products. The day before the brand from the shoes to find inspiration, launched two SK8-Hi socks. Socks depict the iconic elements of the SK8-Hi in all the details, whether it's the line or the Logo on the shoe side. But there is a relatively tangled, SK8-Hi is a pair of high shoes, then wear these socks, can not see completely, if not wearing shoes, wear this pair of socks, strange to say! Air Jordan 4 '99 Retro real map appreciation 2013-12-08 23:28:00 has two pairs of 1999 engraved version of the Air Jordan 4 image exposure on the network, which is the white cement color "White/Cement" and "Bred" of red color, the heel of the classic Nike Air Logo will be authentic to reproduce the classic, after more than ten years of the baptism of time, the two pairs of Air Jordan 4 Retro 99 'is still perfect.