ABS Floor Mounted Eyewash

Model: VAL-EYE-A
Name: ABS Floor Mounted Eyewash

Eyewash stations should be designed to deliver fluid to both eyes simultaneously at a volume of not less than 1.5 litres/minute (0.4 gallons/minute) for 15 minutes. The combination eye and face wash stations require 11.4 litres per minute (3.0 gallons per minute). However, in either case, the volume should not be at a velocity which may injure the eyes. The unit should be between 83.8 and 134.6 cm (33 to 53 inches) from the floor, and a minimum of 15.3 cm (6 inches) from the wall or nearest obstruction.

Model: VAL-EYE-A 


Pipe & Fittings : 42mm Stainless steel 201 with chemical resistant red colour coating
• Eyewash  Bowl  : 250mm -ABS  ( VAL-EYE-A)
Eye spray head: Chemical resistant PP, built-in with stainless steel filter for  impurity clearance.
Foot Pedal : Stainless steel pedal with epoxy powder coated.
Ball Valve: G 1/2” eye wash ball valve with push board.
Water Inlet : G ½”
Waste Outlet : RP1”
 Water pressure : 0.2Mpa – 0.6Mpa

GST number : 001777008640

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