Stainless Steel Floor Mounted Combination Drench shower & Eyewash

Model: VAL-SE-S
Name: Stainless Steel Floor Mounted Combination Drench shower & Eyewash
Emergency showers are designed to flush the user’s head and body. They should not be used to flush the user’s eyes because the high rate or pressure of water flow could damage the eyes in some instances. Eyewash stations are designed to flush the eye and face area only. There are combination units available that contain both features: a shower and an eyewash.

Model: VAL-SE-S 

Features :

Pipe & Fittings : 42mm Stainless steel 201 with chemical resistant red colour coating
Shower Bowl : 300mm - 304 stainless steel 
Eyewash  Bowl : 300mm ( 304 stainless steel ) 
Eye spray head: Chemical resistant PP, built-in with stainless steel filter for  impurity clearance.
Foot Pedal : Stainless steel pedal with epoxy powder coated.
Ball Valve: Stainless steel G3/4 shower ball valve with pull rod , G1/2 eye wash ball valve with push board.
Water Inlet & outlet : RP1”
Water pressure : 0.2Mpa – 0.6Mpa
 Complied with ANSI Z358.1 standard


GST number : 001777008640

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